0.94 cts Natural Ceylon Ruby
This quality Natural Ceylon Ruby is specially mined in Sri Lanka, by hand and selected for its beauty and quality. The Sri Lankan rubies are known to be the best quality, due to their red color and transparency. If you're...
0.30 ct Natural Ceylon Ruby
This natural ruby from Sri Lanka is a beautiful, pure red gemstone that's ready to be set in a ring or pendant. The oval mixed cut is precision-cut for maximum brilliance and sparkle, and it has an SI clarity grade...
0.33 ct Natural Ceylon Ruby
Welcome to the ruby world, organic and alluring. If you are looking for an earthy, naturally shaped stone with a background of green and yellow, then this natural Ceylon red ruby is for you. This ruby is a genuine treasure...
0.50 ct Natural Ceylon Ruby
 One of the most popular gemstones for thousands of years, Rubies are known for their rich hue, deep red color, and strong dispersion. Rubies are mined in many areas throughout the world and can range in price from affordable to...
0.42 cts Natural Ceylon Ruby
 This gorgeous natural Ceylon ruby is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection! It has been hand selected in Sri Lanka, where skilled jewelers have created this beautiful piece. The deep red color is sure to catch anyone's eye. Whether...
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